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New Player Reviews
     Please fill out your review on the new players of the league  If you approve or disapprove, let the committee know.  Click Here
Are You That Guy?
     I recently read an article from Bluff Magazine.  The title of the article was "How Not To Be That Guy At Your Home Game".  Though the article was from September 2012, the topic will always be reeavant to any home poker game, including the DPL................... more on this story.
HPT at River City - UPDATED!
     The HPT at River City has come and gone and the DPL is still looking for that stellar finish from one of its members.  The DPL members that ventured south to St. Louis’ River City Hotel and Casino for the Heartland Poker Tour event included Keith Watrous, Chad Haynes, Mike Patterson, Chad Wolpert, A.J. Berry, and myself.................. more on this story.
A Look at 2014
     As with any new year, the aspirations of the DPL members are high at the start of a new season.  Will old records remain?  Will someone tie a record?  Or, will an old record become just that, an old record?................ more on this story.
Yearly Committee Meeting
     The annual committee meeting will be held Wednesday, December 18th.  The committee will review all aspects of the league and what changes will be set to take place 2014.  Updates and changes to the league will be sent out following the meeting.
That's How We Do It Downtown
     While battling medical issues, Dad was unable to attend the June session at my house and it appeared that he would miss the July session at Chad's.  However, after being released from one of his doctors, Dad made the trip south to Chad's to see some hole cards................ more on this story.
2014 Top 10 in Standings
Position Player Points
Chad Haynes 86
Phillip Barry 82
A.J. Berry 73
Tom Tatham 65
Steve Larry 63
Bob Burtschi 62
Keith Watrous 62
Mike Patterson 46
Tom Basil 41
Amy Barry 36
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